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Product description

Slurry transfer tank

basic information
Product description

Machine introduction:

The machine is used for the transfer, storage, mixing and twice defoaming of battery sizes, prevent the sizes from precipitation.

1. Vacuum the transfer tank, extract the material from vacuum mixer

2. Turn on the mixing motor, avoid the precipitation of large density material;

3. Fill nitrogen into the transfer tank, press transmission the material to coating machine; or transfer the material by pneumatic diaphragm pump;

     4. Application: manufacturing of Lithium battery positive pole sizes & negative pole sizes as well as other materials;


Rotating speed


Motor Power






PY-ZZT60L 65 0.75 ø650*1350 270
PY-ZZT100L 51 0.75 ø800*1350 320
PY-ZZT200L 42 2.2 ø960*1700 650
PY-ZZT300L 42 3 ø1000*1800 850
PY-ZZT500L 34 4 ø1200*2100 1500
PY-ZZT650L 34 4 ø1300*2100 1800


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