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Product description

Double Planetary Mixer 2-15

basic information
Product description

Main Features

1.High line speed: The line speed can reach to 25m/s, shorten the dispersing time (Each 5m/s increasing of line speed, the mixing time will reduce 20-30 minutes); The particle size of battery slurry is small and high uniformity, solve the problem of polymerization.

2.It adopts SKF Sweden import angular contact ball bearing, The vertical and horizontal loading is bigger than the deep groove ball bearing, The carry capacity is much higher, and bear higher rotating speed, large increase the mixing speed and using life( The using life is more than 3 years under 21m/s and continuous 24hr working ; The using life of bearing from other supplier is lower than 1.5 years).

3.0 - 0 assembling: precision assemble, The process tolerance of core parts is less than 30um (mixing shafts, dispersing shafts, and each hole), Thus ensure the concentricity and flatness, archive the 0-0 assembling of core parts. The running is more stable , the noisy outside 1 m rang is lower than 60 db(A).

4.High tightness, No air leakiness and oil leakiness: 2 sets of mechanical seal plus soft,hard seals etc, The planetary transmission box adopts complete seal structure, New design of bearing position, reasonable distribution of the bearing limit, reduce the wearing of bearing; The non load vacuum keeps above -0.095 in 24hours, ensure that no air leakiness and oil leakiness during the mixing ;

5.The gap between tank and paddles: paddles to paddles (2-7mm),paddles to tank wall (2-7mm),paddles to tank bottom (2-6mm) , the gap is small, scraper design under the mixing paddles, High roundness inner the tank, The deviation is less than 0.2mm;

6.Large torsion output: precision casting mixing paddles SS316 stainless steel (adopts special steel for machines bigger than 650L, The material can restore itself if there is micro deformation, The mixing paddles won’t deform under long time big torque running), The torque output is Simulation calculated by computer, High strength, suitable for high viscosity, high solid content Positive and negative pole slurry of Lithium battery (Lithium iron phosphate, ternary, ternary high nickel, Potassium manganate, Lithium Cobaltate etc) suitable for different process technology (dry mix, wet mix). 

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