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Product description

Dual-channel Battery Slurry Magnetic Filtering

basic information
Product description

Main Features:

1.Dual Filtering Channels: one for using, the other one for spare, which can ensure continuous supply of battery slurry. And the two channels can be switched freely.

2.It is also used for delivering the battery slurry from transferring tank to coating machine, controlling slurry level and filtering iron and impurities.

3.This system includes

l Diaphragm Pump

l Dual Channel Magnet Filtering: Our magnetic bar has about 30% stronger magnetic than the common one, whose lifetime is longer as its magnetic force decays only 1% for 10 years.

l Dual Channel Filtering: The positive electrode adopts 100-150 mesh filtering, the negative electrode adopts 100-150 mesh filtering, and it is used in parallel. Each mesh filter area is ≥2000cm2.

l The pipeline connected to the transfer tank can be controlled automatically.

4.Dual channel filtering and controller are integrated

5.Discharging way: The slurry is discharged from the bottom with no material accumulation and no material waste.


Diaphragm Pump

1Set,Specification: 2.4m3/H,Head of Delivery:50,Head:7,Size:1

Magnet and Gauze Filter

Specification of Magnet Bar:Φ25×200,Magnetic Strength:12000GS/Piece,7 Magnet Bars Per Channel;

2 Gauze FiltersDouble Channels with pressure testing over-pressure automatic alarm

Pipe, Base and

Pipe Connection

The base is equipped with 4 casters, 1 anti-corrosion  soft steel wires and DN16. There is no dead angle on outlet pipe, pipe and equipment interface.

Controlling System

1 Liquid Level Sensor, 1 Control Cabinet, 1 Two Couplet, 1 Set Flow Controller;


One Cart fixed with diaphragm pumps and filters.



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